Project Consultants Public Art

For 14 years of my art practice I have completed from concept design to installation, 20 sculptures/ Public art, along Australia's east coast. A large aspect of each public artwork has been the collaboration with various project management individuals and groups as well as Public Art Advisory Groups, representatives from local and state governments and people from private project management. While I have listed the individuals and management groups below, (from the most recent artworks backwards in time) I cannot convey the extraordinary wealth of each of those relationships in projects that have mostly been created over several years.

But I wish to confirm that without such people, the finished work would not have been possible. Public Art is a particularly tricky arena in terms of current regulatory controls for any object that exists in the public domain. The process is becoming more litigious with greater emphasis on accountability. I can't thank these individuals and groups enough for their participation in all of the projects I have been commissioned for. Note: I have not listed any individuals or groups involved in projects that did not go through to installation.

I would also like to personally thank all of the subcontractors that I have engaged in these projects. For the majority of these the workmanship has been of an exemplary standard. Over the years (The whole 14 years in some cases) I have developed steadfast professional relationships with fabricators in several mediums including (mainly) digital art glass, wood, stainless steel including mirror stainless and Vitrapanel. Having creative installers and product consultants is also vital including glass installation, LED lighting consultation and installation, and steel fabrication and installation.

As a rule, with each project, I am as 'hands on' as possible with the aim in mind of creating the best possible 'site specific' work. In some cases I have had to create the majority of components in the finished work and in others I supply completed images only (for art glass works as an example). Whatever the situation I have come to understand that clear communication and direction is a vital component for a successful work.


I would like to thank the following: Adey Brecknock, Brecknock Consulting, Lee Mathers and Maree Santarossa of Jumbana Group, Marla Guppy of Guppy and Associates, Laura Ake and Angeline Smith from Queensland Project Services, Robyn Ryan, Senior Project Officer/ Capital Works Queensland Police Services, Beth Jackson, Director and Curator/ Artfully, Christine Murray, Senior Procurement Manager and Manager of Public Art Unit/ Queensland Project Services, Jenuarrie, Arts Development Officer/ Arts Queensland, Rae O'Connell from House of Rae, currently Executive Director of Guildhouse, Adelaide and finally Ruby Wingrove formerly Arts Officer Cairns Regional Council, currently a Creative Coordinator in Toowomba.

Sub Contractors

I owe my thanks to the following fabricators: the Vitra Group, NSW, Combined Metal Fabrication group Townsville, Lyal Cotton, Cottonwoods Creations, Stephen Togher Bent and Curved Glass, Sydney, David Kelly and Seigfried Montage Graphix, Fleetwood Urban steel fabrication, Sydney, Stuart Cotton, Digiglass, Melbourne and Derek Dovey, Premier Sheet Metal, Cairns.

Installers include: Steve Alberts and Ganesh Crumlin for LED installation Dee Why Glass for glass installation, Sydney, Smartfix Sydney for panel install, Richard Joyce, Fleetwood Urban, for steel installation, Colin Hayes, Hayes and Swinburn Glass Installers, Cairns.

Engineers Include: Arup Engineering Consultants Cairns and Sydney, UDP Consulting Engineers Townsville.